Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon is the prequel to popular show The Big Bang Theory, a spinoff that no one asked for but may be a well-needed boost for the series as a whole.

The show takes place in the 80’s when Sheldon Cooper is at the ripe old age of 9 and has finally gets his wish of attending a higher plane of learning: high school.  As well, we also get to meet the rest of his family: characters that we’ve often heard about but have yet to see on the parent show itself.

The show offers a different perspective, especially in the form of how it presented to the audience. Traditionally, The Big Bang Theory is a multi-cam format, but the executives (who a few of them also oversee both shows) decided to shoot Young Sheldon in a single cam format, offering a very personal view and insight to the Cooper family. This provides a contrast to its predecessor: a typical comedy where everything is a set-up for the next joke, and the slightest character development can take multiple seasons to occur.

We focus on Sheldon and his mother and the dynamic that exists between them, as she is the only person who can rise to his level: an uneducated father, jealous older brother, and sassy twin sister are no match for a boy genius, but his mother certainly is.

The pilot offers the tone that the The Big Bang Theory should offer: no laugh track and where the situation of being a total geek and the lack of regular ‘normal’ human interaction creates natural humour: as opposed to the mainstream “nerd culture” that BBT helped to perpetuate, where anyone who reads a comic book or watches a Marvel movie can call themselves a nerd with their head held high.


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