Top Ten: Pixar

With the release of Pixar’s new film Coco, we’ve decided we need a new list of Pixar movies. These are the movies that entertained us, that challenged us emotionally and mentally, that stories hold up that we can go back for multiple viewings.  So here are the Top Ten Pixar movies as of the end 2017.


10. UPup_v1

had us falling love with the main characters within merely minutes, setting the tone for the love story that will be.

09. RATATOUILLEratatouille_v1

the warmest of movies, this make our number nine slot as one of Pixar’s simplest but most loveable stories.  Where you can be anything you want to be regardless of what others see you as.

08. Toy Story 2

toy_story_2_v1the sequel to the Pixar’s first smash hit out of the gate Toy Story 2 takes our number eight spot, with a possible weaker plot point compared to it’s predecessor.  Where you find out what it means for a toy to not be played with or put away,sometimes for good.

07. Finding Nemo


coming soon…

06. COCOcoco_v1

coming soon…

05. MONSTERS INC.monsters_inc_v1

coming soon…

04. TOY STORYtoy_story_v1

coming soon…

03. INSIDE OUTinside_out_v1

coming soon…

02. THE INCREDIBLESincredibles_v1

coming soon…

01. WALL-Ewalle_v1

coming soon…

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