The Circle


What if a company like Google decided it was time to become a real life sky-net, but instead of using technology to control all aspects what if everyone needed to know what you’re doing for every minute of every day and the only way to work at this company was to become and senseless droid where posting and participating in every feature of the Circle was mandatory because privacy is a crime.

*Disclaimer* This review is based solely on the film and not the original novel.

The concept for this story hits close to home: we’ve have been indoctrinated to feel like we need to share every aspect of our lives with apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In this film, the only way to survive in the Circle is to share every single detail, and that’s where we encounter Mae, who has just started with the company.  We are meant to believe that sweet-faced Emma Watson comes from a hard life on the wrong side of the tracks, which is a difficult pill to swallow because she looks so out of place in such a world. Poor casting decisions like this repeatedly take the viewer out of the movie, and make you feel every minute of a two hour film. In addition, the overall plot concept – that privacy is a crime and all information should belong to all people – is simple enough, but somehow becomes so complex that the writers struggle with how to present it, and the story suffers for it.

In the trailer, John Boyega and Tom Hanks are made out to be such vital characters, and yet they probably have a combined screen time of around 15 minutes. They are so pointless you could have had any actor fill in those shoes and they would have left the same mark on screen, which is nothing. At the end, you are left watching the credits roll and feeling that there must be more to come. There was definitely a first and second act, but the barely five minutes that was the third act feels very lackluster, leaving the audience unfulfilled and inspiring zero thought-provoking messages about humanity.

Rating: 2/10

Rewatch Value: 0/5

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