Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Full Synopsis:

The eighth installment in the Skywalker saga, finds the Rebellion running from the last of The First Order, in a last ditch.  While Rey confronts the missing Luke Skywalker in hopes she can bring them back to Rebellions cause.

Spoiler Review:

Rian Johnson has given of some very dark and real feel movies with Brick and Looper, and that was thought was being brought to Star Wars but instead we got long scenes that you felt went on forever, ridiculous lore that was nevrr fully established in the movies, and scenes that don’t feel fully owned.


Finn and Rose’s story arc was pointless, the acting general could have shared her plans with Poe and then the two of them would not have gone on a pointless mission.

Leia seemed force sensitive never to manipulation of the force so bring this out in a time like this after a big character point where Kylo could not kill his mother but was killed anyway really made that scene useless.


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