Best Superhero Movies of 2017

The Hive is at it again ranking the superhero movies of 2017.  The premise is what was the most entertaining movies of the year, which movies feel they have the most re-watch value and were the characters ones we loved to spend more time with.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2guardians_of_the_galaxy_vol_2

Guardians of the Galaxy was a smash hit that no one expected which made volume two that much more anticipated, and upon delivery it falls pretty flat.  Taking place weeks after the previous movie, we find our Guardians dealing with what it’s actually like to be part of a team after the day has been saved.  But where should be a very heart filled movie, it’s all just bland.

Dave Bautista who was fan favourite for his humour, his jokes felt very forced like the producers realize they should up his performace because people found it funny, instead you can see they are trying to hard to land the punch line. When the key was how natural they made him do everything but it was funny to the audience, the only saving grace was his interaction with newcomer Mantis (Pom Klementieff), where her general ignorance to everything worked well Drax’s bluntness.

While the overall movie was one about family, the daughters of Thanos coming to terms with one another, Peter Quill finding his father and Yandu stealing the show by coming to terms with the fact that he forever and always will love Peter Quill, the real man that raised him.


7. Power Rangerspower_rangers_v1

The movie the fandom always dreamt of and the one it got… for the most part.  For the first time has the lore been taken serious outside being written for children.  Making it a more grounded feeling movie even owning certain cheese factor levels. But where the heart of it all lies in a coming of age story where all these kids feel like they don’t belong in their own cliques, and what teenager doesn’t share a similar sentiment.

Where this movie suffers though is that it doesn’t know how to fully utilize the idea that the Power Rangers are superheroes and what it’s like being a teenager and a chosen hero when you may not fully want the responsibility.  Because of this we get a very long lull during the second act and you can feel it.  But when the Power Rangers actually show up in the third act, it’s all the glory that any fan would love with high level action scenes that feel like the Power Rangers always should have been but still keeping the heart of a coming of age movie, because it cannot be called a Power Rangers movie without learning some kind of lesson.


6. Loganlogan_v1

A graceful adieu to one of the best portrayals of a comic book character on the big screen.  In the not to distant future the mutant gene seems to be eradicated and no more new mutants are being born and the X-men are nothing more then comic book stories.  Logan one of a few remaining mutants still alive is nothing more of a shadow of himself taking care of Charles Xavier as he suffers through with dementia.  And all of this made for a great movie, but unfortunately not a very memorable.

If this was the first time we were seeing Hugh Jackman in this role and the Dark Knight series was never filmed then this movie would be ground breaking, but it feel like an inserting chapter in the overall X-men story by being more adult by letting Logan swear and be vigorously violent but these things don’t make a good movie


5. Spider-man: Homecomingspiderman_homecoming_v1

coming soon…


4. Lego Batmanlego_batman_the_movie_v1

coming soon…


3. Justice Leaguejustice_league_v1

coming soon…


2. Thor: Ragnarokthor ragnarok_v2

coming soon…


1. Wonder Womanwonder_woman_v1

coming soon…

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