The Mummy Returns


Years later our two main characters Evy and O’Connell are married and have a son, Alex. Together they excavate tombs, but while in the tomb of the dreaded Scorpion King, they find his infamous bracelet, which winds up on the wrist of their son.  While a secret society tries to resurrect Imhotep, with the reincarnated love of his life in hopes to bring her soul back and then raise the army of the Scorpion King and finally get his revenge.


Full Review:

This sequel which could have worked in theory, with the amount of rich Egyptian history and legend ripe for the picking, it was completely wasted.  Where the original owned its bit of cheesy elements but overall still was a great action movie.

Where the first movie gave us a great villain that was finally put to rest, the sequel figured why not bring him back it worked the first time.

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