Ratings System

How B-Rated Station decided upon it’s rating system you may be wondering, it’s all based on you the viewer.  We’ve sat down and decided that people are busy and they need to get their information quickly and to the point but with enough information you can discuss with others.  Just like this explanation.

The following is a legend of the what all the numbers mean:


a perfect movie, where the plot is consistent with little to no holes, directed well by making that story flow from scene to scene, director pulled an amazing performance from actors and actors made you feel for them and where you can understand the character(s) point of view/ thinking or reasoning.  As a whole the movie works perfectly where there is practically nothing that doesn’t mesh together well.

a perfect television show where every minute of story was utilized throughout the entire arc of the series, the characters had compelling stories that made you relate or understand their points or reasoning to get where did by the end of series While the tone of the sereis captured you instantly and kept consistent throughout.  And by the end of the series you are clamoring for the next season whether you have to wait till next season or you’re able to start it in mere minutes.



a near perfect movie, with a couple plot issues but overall a solid story from the writers and director.  While the actors and pull off a stunning performance they leave you with a few questionable but still minor choices.  But as a whole the movie the movies tone, visual, sound and performance all come together amazingly.

a near perfect television show with a few small story points that drag seem to have no place in the overall series.  But overall you love nearly all the characters they present and want to learn more while a couple you could do without.  But overall, all the jokes land, the intense drama moments are very well owned as well as the terrifying moments.  With a couple small issues this is a near perfect television.



A couple issues revolving around the overall movie, from a couple of questionable directing choices that may revolve around story points or actors.  While the director may be one issue, there also may be actual plot issues where you can tell the writers may have struggled a bit to get a few scenes across to the audience.  The actors on the other hand may be close to spot on but a few of their scenes may be questionable in delivery of the performance, where you the audience member was momentarily taking out or thought the scene was very corny and it wasn’t owned by the actor or maybe the writer or director just had no idea how to convey the scene.  But overall a couple major things caused this film to not be near perfect film, but still more then enjoyable even on multiple viewings.

a few story problems will generally cause a lower rating for television, mainly caused by story points and having dragging episodes is hard to over look especially when the time is clearly not utilized properly.  Actors may not be an issue but certain characters which are not integral to the plot but become more of an unnecessary nuisance where they don’t seem to add anything will cause poor results.  Overall, with some episodes not utilized to the shows full potential set down by a solid tone at the beginning of the show or season and characters that may not add anything will lower from a perfect score.



some solid concepts in story telling and the acting comes out very well, with a few issues here and there with delivery of the performance.  However the overall writing at times is questionable and may drag at times whether it was written that way or the editing did not know how to flow from scene to scene.

as an overall series there are a few or more episodes that don’t help the series out as a whole whether they may be complete filler episodes to fill an unnecessary episode length or terrible writing overall in a few episodes.  Because of this the show suffers making as a whole making it enjoyable at times but then questionable on why you are watching it at others.



Overall the movie was mildly enjoyable, had potential to be something good but the decision in story telling whether from the directing point of view or from the writers just didn’t know how to execute it visually.The actors are of two ways they stand out well elevating the movie to this level or they were miscast or clearly didn’t give it their all. But overall it’s an okay movie to watch if you enjoy the genre or actors in the movie.

the series as a whole works to some extent, where the story takes some hits from either studio interference or the writers, who do not fully grasp the criteria they are trying to tell.  Not every episode works and some shows may suffer from the length of episodes whether the format may be better told in a smaller budget and fewer episode format or vice versa or option three bigger budget but less episode (ex. Game of Thrones).  Overall a decent show that only a select few may enjoy for the genre, or type of story telling it does.